Selecting the best freelance handbag designer to work with on your project can be a frustrating process.  A good freelance designer can help you from ideation all the way through placing you with the perfect supplier. A great bag designer can find ways throughout the process to save you time and money.  For example, if you are creating a custom textile for your bags there are many different ways the fabric can be printed.  Depending on your order quantity and bag fabrication a great designer can prepare artwork to match the least costly method.  It is vital when selecting a designer that you choose someone who has your best interests and bottom line in mind.

At Niche Design + Import we offer freelance handbag design services to match many different products.  If we do not specialize in your product, we will help you find a designer who does!  Our goal is to help you make the best product possible inside of your price point and order quantity requirements.  We look at the big picture and set you up for success with your brand.  We will take the time to consult with you and understand what makes your product special and the aesthetic of your brand.  We have worked with many different types of brands and understand how vital it is that your product matches the brand (and your) aesthetic.

When working with Niche Design + Import your design fee can be specifically tailored to your product.  If you already have the sketch and do not need trend services or ideation services we won’t charge you for that!  If you also import your product with us a large portion of your design fee, as well as all sample fees will be refunded towards the first production order. To get a quote click here.

Below is a list of our services and an idea of the timeline required for each item:

Trend and Market Forecasting (3 days)


Trend forecasting is no longer just analyzing the runways and major designers… In our fast-paced connected world, by the time a trend hits the runways it is already too late!  Niche Design + Import looks deeper into social trends, influencer trends, and global trends to understand your specific target market and what they will want when you go to market.

Market forecasting deals in the state of your particular market at the time of your product launch.  Timing plays a huge roll in the success of your product.  You would not want to release a beautiful line of beach tote bags in the fall, so it is vital to have a clear understanding of your market and the trends that drive sales in the demo graph.  We will spend time to research your competition, your buyers and your retailers to make sure your product is the perfect bag hitting the market at the perfect time.

When purchasing this service you will receive a detailed report as well as a 1 hour consultation to review your report and make sure you design is consistent with the upcoming trends and state of the market.

First Design & Ideation Services (1 week)


Once you have a clear understanding of your market and the trends that drive it Niche Design + Import can help you to visualize your product and ultimately bring it to life.  We will consult with you to understand what is important to you as the founder of your brand and what you think your audience would love.  Once we have a clear understanding we will provide you with rough renderings of your concept to help fill in all of the details and work out any hiccups in the process.  We understand that your vision may evolve and change throughout the process, so we include 2 rounds of revisions to these sketches to make sure you end up with the perfect design.  We have yet to have a client need more revisions, but if you do we will continue to work with you for a nominal revision fee.  Our goal is for you to end up with a product you love.

Often, clients need these sketches to present to retailers, investors, for patent purposes or for crowd funding campaigns.  We are well versed in rendering and sketch styles associated with each need and can provide for each.

When purchasing this service you will receive final presentation ready sketches along with color and print callouts and a 1 hour consultation to review.

Technical Packages & Fabric sourcing (1 week)


After you have a final sketch the next step in getting your product produced is a technical package for the factory to translate your sketch into an actual prototype.

A Technical package – or tech pack – is a packet of sketches, pictures and detailed measurements of your product.  We will include detailed callouts such as fabrics, leathers, trims, internal components and hardware. The more detail included in your tech pack, the less room there is for error on your first prototype sample.  Along with the technical package Niche Design + Import will provide actual size renderings for you to approve the overall size and shape of your product.

At times, along with the bag tech pack, you will also need custom hardware renderings and technical packages as well as textile repeat artwork for custom body fabrics and lining fabrics.  All of these items can be bundled together into one document and submitted to the factory.

After you submit this document to the factory there will be some follow-up required with the vendors.  They will send you some pictures or actual swatch cards for material selection, some available hardware to choose from and occasionally will have some questions or need some clarification.  Vendor follow-up is included in your freelance design fee as this communication is vital to the success of the factory in creating a great prototype.

When purchasing this service you will receive all required technical packages including any custom hardware and textile repeat packages.  We will also handle any factory follow-up required for creating the first prototype.


Prototype Revision Packages (3 days)


Some clients come to us with a prototype that needs some help.  We offer our services in revising existing styles to improve quality, function and aesthetics.  Generally, this is best handled with a revision package.

A revision package is a document created with detailed photos of the existing prototype and detailed instructions and measurements to improve the style.  It is important to work with a designer for this particular document since a strong revision packet with properly called out changes will result in a solid production ready sample.  Often clients will try and communicate these changes without the assistance of a seasoned designer and end up needing to sample their style over and over to get everything perfect.  This wastes time and money, ultimately paying a professional and getting it right the first time will be the most cost effective and timely method.  Want to have a phone call about your specific design needs?  Schedule a free 30 -minute consultation here.

When purchasing this service you will receive a detailed revision package and we will handle any factory follow up required for a production ready sample.

Supplier Sourcing and Production Placement (1 week)


Niche Design + Import has long standing relationships with great domestic and overseas suppliers.  We specialize in small businesses and start-ups with reasonable minimum order quantities and great quality.  If you place a production order through us we will refund part or your design fees and well as a portion of your sample fees.

When working with Niche Design + Import for your production needs we provide complimentary fabric sourcing and consultation.  We will oversee all of the factory communications and make the process a seamless and enjoyable as possible.

To learn more about these services schedule a free 30 minute consult to talk about your specific project and how we can assist you.

Business Consulting and Graphic Design (Ongoing)


While not strictly bag design, you will have some ongoing graphic design needs as you grow your business.  With your production in hand – or even with just samples in hand – if you plan to wholesale, you will need to create a look book or line sheet to show your product.  If you plan to sell via e-commerce you will need compelling product shots and lifestyle shots.  We can be your guide in these next steps via ongoing business consultation and helpful articles geared towards making your small business successful. Scroll down to subscribe to our newsletter & get social to be notified of new blog articles & get tips and tricks!

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