So, you are ready to take the leap and have your bag designed, sampled and manufactured… Before you get too excited, remember it is a long journey from idea to production.  This is good though, you do not want to rush this process.  Being patient gives you time to make sure your product is perfect and your business is set to succeed.  We have put together an  infographic to help you accurately predict when your product will be set to hit the market.  Rest assured, if you need product faster there are options! One great way to save weeks is to explore air-shipping options.  Niche Design Studios partners with solid freight forwarding companies and we can find a solution suitable to your small business or start up, to learn more schedule a consultation.

Timeline for producing accessories and handbags overseas.

Once you have started this process there is still much to do in preparation for your first bulk production shipment.

  • Plan a photoshoot for your handbags or accessories including both lifestyle & clean product shots. Consider including some stylized product shots.  See our Pinterest board Handbag Product Shots / Inspiration for some examples.
  • Make sure your company website is beautiful, on brand and functioning – make sure you test your sales channels thoroughly.
  • Make sure all of your digital marketing efforts are in line – you will want to start promoting your product before it arrives! Check out our Pinterest board E-commerce / Tips + Tricks for ideas!
  • Consider sending out a press kit, or lining up some influencers to review your product when it goes live.
  • Make sure you have all of the legal documentation in order before you start selling your product.
  • Prepare a space to store your bulk production after it arrives.
  • Plan some time after bulk shipment arrives to quality check all items.  Niche Design + Import offers third party quality control, but a savvy business owner always rechecks all product before shipping to the end customer.
  • Prepare any packaging and/or product tags.

To get the ball rolling schedule a free 30 minute consult or just request a quote.