Selecting the right color for your accessories and handbag collection is crucial.  Buyers on both the wholesale and the retail level often determine a brands worth from a distance. When viewing from afar, color is the most visible characteristic to bring someone closer. While neutrals notoriously sell best, color is what sparks the most interest and draws people in.

For the past years collections have indulged in pop colors.  Finally, in 2019 we really invest in color, building a story and mood through it.  We still see important neutrals; black, brown, grey and nude, and also additional deeper neutrals such as olive, warm beige tones and rich red brown tones.  Along with those neutrals there are still hints of pastels now grounded with deep rich jewel tones, leafy greens, and primaries sprinkled throughout…. I know, sounds like a mess, but when done delicately these pallets are unexpected and exciting.

Many small businesses struggle with color trends since in the past color has been by nature seasonal and many start-ups need to be prepared to hold inventory through and entire year. Since Niche Design + Import is all about helping small businesses and start-ups we have decided to create color pallets that are more season-less with something for any time of year.  We will release a new color story every month so stay tuned!



2019 Handbag and Accessory Color Trends



Flamingos have had their time in the sun (literally – chuckle, chuckle) now is the year of the parrot and the little parrot cousin the love bird.   Many people don’t know that parrots actually live in the wild in southern California.  I was shocked while out and about in the city to find not one parrot, a flock of parrots roosting in nearby trees.  Apparently, these parrots were brought in by pet importers and set free by their owners and now number around 5000!  I can’t condone this reckless introduction of a non-native species, but thankfully the “California wild parrots” have been harmless to the local habitat.


The shock of seeing unexpected pops of nature throughout the city has stuck with me and inspired this color story.

The Lady Bird color trend immediately calls to mind relaxing summer days next to an aqua pool sipping on La Croix (or a microbrew, whatever you are into…)  It is also about unexpected color mixes found where city meets nature.

Find more color inspiration – including the delightful Delpozo collection pictured on the mood board – visit our pinterest color board.  We will be updating every month so be sure to follow!


Wondering what the codes on our color pallet represent?  These are pantone TPG codes.  Pantone codes are used to tell the manufacturer exactly what color we want.  If you are serious about color and hoping to manufacture your own collection you should invest in a color book.


If you have a color book, but not a TPG book, you can cross reference your color here!



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