In the era of e-commerce having unique and impactful packaging is more important than ever. Every time you send your goods to a customer the experience should be that of opening a gift from a close friend. You can stand above the rest by creating a unique experience for your customer to have when opening your delivered goods. In the past we have needed to be focused on having your product stand out from the others on a retailer shelf, now you can create an authentic thoughtful experience through coordinated brand accurate packaging elements.

Creating custom custom packaging elements can seem a bit over kill, but it is these details that will tell the story of your brand and speak directly to consumers. Anyone can make a nice bag, but it is the branded elements that will make a customer want your bag over the competition. Niche Design + Import is excited to announce we have now teamed with packaging, textile and branding professional Hannamari Virtanen. Hannamari is a Finnish-born and raised Designer and Creative Director. After earning her BFA in design, her career started in package design before she expanded to surface and product design while working at a textile and beauty accessories company. After 18 years experience in the Industry she joined forces with Niche Design + Import to offer her specialized skills to small business owners interested in creating a branded experience around their product. You can now speak to Hanna directly via a free 30 minute consultation. Just fill out the form and specify packaging in the comments and we will handle the rest!

below find a helpful list of ways you can package your product to impress.


Dust bags are an industry standard in terms of protecting your higher end leather and vegan accessories. The traditional dust bag can be classic when executed in a high quality way, but newer concepts are on the horizon with multipurpose (re-useable) dust bags, uniquely fabricated dust bags and recyclable options.


Hangtags are a great way to establish that you consider and design every detail of your brand. Paper hangtags should be sourced in top quality papers and should be designed thoughtfully to present your image and educate the consumer. Newer trends allow for re-useable branding such as keyfobs and silicone tags, and eco-friendly brands can consider using a recycled fabric or material with a smaller footprint.


Who wants to receive their nice new product in a basic brown box? Create a more complete brand experience with a custom shipper. Niche Design + Import can help you to customize your box or shipping envelope to help you customers feel like every time they receive a package from you is a celebration. Bonus, for the brands using influencer marketing, this will help your unboxing video trend!


Encourage the unique customer experience with a creative insert for your package or bag. Opening your shipper should feel like opening a present. Including a thank you card, or something exciting to find will enhance that experience and give you an opportunity to introduce your customer to your social platforms and other products. This could even be something fun like a sticker!


I know… I said this was all about e-commerce packaging. No deep delve into packaging is complete without discussing the ever present shopping bag. Whether through retail or e-commerce a shopping bag can be used at checkout, or as a dust bag for e-commerce. Consider the expense of creating a great shopping bag as an investment into marketing your brand. If you create a branded piece that really stands out your customer will reuse this bag and potential customers will notice.

For a brand specific exploration of packaging sign up for a free 30 minute consultation– just indicate packaging only in the description.